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Ulmer Auction

Auctioneer Randy Ulmer knows not only his bread-and-butter trade, but also other businesses.
He runs a farm and ranch operation, along with a crop spraying service and an equipment/trailer sales firm on the side. “I was doing (auctioneering) as a child,” Ulmer said. “My brother, Russel, chased cows into the barn. I stood in the feed bunk and auctioned them off." Ulmer, owner of Ulmer Auction Service, has pursued auction work as a profession since 1978, when he graduated from the Western College of Auctioneering in Billings, Montana.

“I started in Ashley selling a lot of pies and wedding garters and I still like to do that. I love to do charity auctions as well." Ulmer broke into the auction world with the help of a friend. “My buddy, Harold Fregien, took me under his wing. I still miss him.” (Fregien died in a vehicle accident a few years ago.) Ulmer’s second-best break has been experience: “That’s why I can answer my (clients’) questions.” The past several years have gone well, Ulmer says.
The secret to his success is a simple one: “I’m established now. I am fair and honest with the people.” An Ashley native, Ulmer employs six part-time workers.